Why use Racing Snail?

If only there was a formula that could ensure greater production…Actually there is one:



What are “Leading Indicators”?

Leading Indicators, or Income Producing Activities, are those things that you do in your agency that lead to sales, i.e., sales calls, appointments, quotes, pivoting from one product to another etc.

Racing Snail enables you to identify, manage, analyze, and influence how well your office is performing these leading indicators. Manage the income producing activity and you can increase your production.

Closing ratios are critical. The relationship of quotes to sales is one of the most important metrics in business. If you track nothing else, track quotes for each line of business.

We already set goals in our office, how is Racing Snail different?

In order for goals to be effective they must be reviewed CONSTANTLY. According to Edwin Locke, the #1 success factor for any bonus plan is attention to the plan by management.

Racing Snail provides a visual, real-time framework for your goals and incentive plan and then automatically puts that plan front and center every single day.

I already pay my sub-producers a commission, why do I need Racing Snail?

There is a huge difference between a bonus plan and an INCENTIVE PLAN



A bonus plan distributes commissions, an incentive plan influences behavior. Racing Snail enables agents to “pay for performance” through:

  • Minimum Sales thresholds
  • Tiered commissions based upon policies, premium, or both
  • Cross-line dependencies (increase auto commissions based upon fire production etc)
  • Team production requirements (bonuses increased if team goals are met)
  • Vary commissions according to business type (new, added, referred etc)
  • And many many more capabilities

Production or PROFITABLE Production?

Ultimately, it isn’t about production it’s about profit. Racing Snail’s ROI tools let you clearly see who and what is making you money and who and what is costing you money.

Sub-Producer ROI Report

  • Shows sub-producer contribution to the agency
  • Shows sub-producer cost to the agency
  • Calculates the net “cost” of the sub-producer as well as a projected “break-even”

Marketing ROI

  • Compares actual commissions generated from marketing categories and specific sources
  • Displays the net profit for easy analysis regarding which marketing strategies are profitable