What are other Agents saying about Racing Snail?

Racing Snail has an extremely diverse client base. Some of our clients have two staff people, some have fifteen or more. Some of our clients are brand new to agency; some have been in the business for over 25 years. We have Agents that gross well over a $1,000,000 in revenue, while others are just getting off the ground. Regardless of your circumstances, Racing Snail can help you move forward. What are some of the hundreds of Agents across America saying about Racing Snail? 

The following testimonials are just a few examples of what people are saying about Racing Snail. Our system is helping over 4000 people in over 46 States & 2 Country's move to the next level of productivity. 

Greg L.- Lansing, MI
" It’s fabulous! We love it! Our agency has used Racing Snail for a number of years and it has been the best tracking tool available for ease of entering/extracting information that we’ve used. The fact that we can better track our production, activities, focus on our goals, and where we stand with apps written vs. apps issued, where business comes from for the best ROI on advertising dollars, and so much other helpful information, it’s difficult to do the entire program justice. But, that’s the beauty of this program! Depending on your agency focus, you can use as much of the program as you want but you don’t have to use all of it to get the results you’re looking for. Jerome and his support team have always provided outstanding service and technical support, whenever we needed it. They respond in a timely manner via email or phone call. There are Improvements to the program every year and it just keeps getting better and better! "

Paul S.- Chicago, IL
" I have seen my production go from an average of 200apps / month to over 250 and nothing has changed other than being able to efficiently track Income Producing Activities. There are MANY ways to pay your team .. best part of Racing Snail is they ALWAYS stay ahead of the other companies offering inferior products!."

Adam H - Grand Junction, CO
" I freaking love Racing Snail. Since I started Racing Snail I have seen my business double. The month before I started Racing Snail we wrote only 84 apps and 17k in premium in June. We started Racing Snail and the following month wrote 155 apps and 42k in premium in July. August we wrote 152 apps and 47k in premium (this is my top month overall for my agency). For September we are currently on track for 150+ apps again and 45k + in premium. Great product!! Thanks for everything."

Brett - Madison, IN
"Racing Snail has helped our agency move to the next level of productivity. It allows us to accurately measure our focus areas and respond quicker to market opportunities. It has also helped our team stay on track with our year end goals throughout the year, and without lots of detailed accounting or double entries into other tracking system."

Ann – Chicago, IL

"I am so pleased with this production tracker. I have used others in the past that pale in comparison to Racing Snail. Thanks to the help of Racing Snail, we've just qualified for travel! Where were you 5 years ago?" 

Mark H. 
"Today I was working within Racing Snail and began thinking of the days when I had to manually track production and bonuses.  Over the years, Racing Snail has consistently proven its worth and value in several aspects of my business.

With your product, I’m able to track individual production, the type of business my Team members are writing and whether or not my office Goals and expectations are being met or exceeded.

I have tried other production tools including the current bonus tool in Pro+, but nothing compares to the ease and information I can extract from Racing Snail.  Examples of these are;

  • Real-time production data and trends
  • Long vs. Short Mileage
  • Graphical displays of all production data
  • Individual and team level goal tracking
  • Return-on-investment information for both marketing and staff expenditures
  • Year-by-year performance comparison

Additionally, I am able to create bonus programs and incentives designed around Corporate/Zone Marketing and other growth activities.  I like the fact that I can tailor the product to meet any changes to marketing and client demographics within my community.  I also appreciate the one on one support that is available when a question arises that quickly allows me to move onto the next project. I look forward to the roll out later this year of your Cloud based program and the additional feature and benefits it will bring."

Tim C.
"I wanted to follow up and let you know that I’m really excited for the new cloud based Racing Snail.  Racing Snail has become the most important tool that we use to track our agency production, goals, marketing, travel credits, and team incentives.  I’ve tried most of the other programs out there and Racing Snail is by far the best fit for our agency.  Moving to the cloud should only make things better.  It’s going to be really nice to have a tracking tool that I can access anywhere as well as improved speed. "

Kirk F. 
"I have used several bonus programs in my office throughout my 4 years in business.  When I discovered Racing Snail, my search for bonus programs ended.  This bonus program has made managing my Agency so easy.  With the program I have been able to track and manage return on my investment in every aspect of my business.  I have been able to have an app register that allows me to keep up with every app from close till issue as well as track charge backs with ease.  Racing Snail is really simple to use for my team and I with 6 easy entries to give me a wealth of detail knowledge.  What has really brought a new level of success to my agency it he ability to create almost any type of bonus program with great simplicity.  I am really excited about the “Cloud” version of the program since it will allow me to do all the same monitoring and accountability as when I am in the office while on the move.  It would be amazing if this program could integrate with all my Comapny Systems."


Greg J.
"I know you’re in business to make a profit.  However, I know how satisfying it can be to actually help someone in their life.  You’ve definitely had a positive impact on me and my business

As someone who built his own app tracker from scratch, I was excited when you first presented Racing Snail to me.  During the past four years this tool has helped me better manage my business, pay bonuses, and track trends.  It is the hub around which the management of my business runs.

I am now able to have better and more focused discussions with my team about sales trends in group and individual meetings using the vast ability of Racing Snail to parse information by type, associate, etc.  Using current and historical data, Racing Snail helps my team see where they are having problems.  The graphing functions are especially useful in helping my team to visualize their production trends.  It helps me keep the team on track for reaching their goals.

Racing Snail is an excellent tool for tracking and paying bonuses as well.  With Racing Snail I am able to determine the bonus structure each year (or month for that matter).  After that is set up, it requires very little effort to determine the amount of bonus due to each team member.  And I can bonus for the specific behavior I am looking for based on company priorities.

As great as Racing Snail is, there are some drawbacks.  It is a little difficult to use because it runs in Excel and it’s a large program.  I’m also unable to use it at home as well as I’d like to.  .

I was recently at a meeting where my management was saying outside programs like yours might be integrated with our company systems.  Whether it is or not, it would really help me run my business better if you could move Racing Snail to a cloud-based system.  This might alleviate my need to back up information on a hard drive.  An online version would run smoother, and I could access it at home (maybe?). "


Julia T.
"This email/letter is to advocate for Racing Snail.  Of my 22 years with Insurance, Racing Snail demonstrates accurate data, no longer using what an agent “believes” to be fact of their agencies production.  Due to size constraints and activity, the current Excel spreadsheet needs to be moved to a web-based system.  This will allow the agents who produce while in the office, can run payroll while out of the office without running into loading/stalling their computers. I know that some systems do this and some do not.  In fact, fellow agents tell me this happens more often than not and I prefer to use my business hours for writing business versus using business hours for RS data analysis and team updating.

This is a thorough and appropriate system for our business needs and it is my hope that we are able to support what is necessary to help the Next Generation Agents do what they do best.  This tool helps us to more efficiently run a business with data to support /deny what is actually happening.   This gets agents away from what they think is happening to what is actually happening."


Harry K.
"About two years ago I was looking for a sales tracking program for our office.  The one that I had been using and other systems before that, were not flexible enough to meet my complex bonusing system that I had for my team members.  I wanted something that bonuses for extra effort or higher levels of production.  But I also wanted something that would track various aspects of my sales as to type, outstanding policies not issued, premium totals, where the sales were coming from i.e. referrals, type of advertising, walk-ins, pivoting, calls etc.  I happen to hear that some agents were using something called RACING SNAILS.  After looking on their website it had some “test” runs to explore and see if it would be a good fit for us.  It looked great to me so I decided to follow up and contacted Jerome Carlile.  

Jerome was great.  He asked about my bonus system, what I wanted and needed for this to work for us.  He helped set it up and got us started.  Immediately my team loved it.  Each team member could see their own production.  It even had a place for them to track their own goals to see if they were on time or not.  What I really like about the system is that each member enters in their own production and I don’t have to do anything AND it only pays when it issued. It allows for office, individual bonusing and even a combination of the two.  There is even an option for “Income Producing Activities’ that are not directly related to sales, yet still justifies giving a bonus to your team member.  Thresholds, minimums, premium or policy counts all are variables allowing you to customize your own bonusing system.   You can even bonus on combinations of different types of sales mixes.  For example, minimum policies that include Financial Products have to be met before certain bonuses kick in.  I can view the total office production anytime with a push of a button.  Once or twice a month I just click to verify the sales and automatically it calculates the bonus for my team.  The team member can ‘play’ with “what if” scenarios and calculate what that might mean to them in terms of bonus!  It shows what they lost in bonus money if certain sales criteria were not met.  It even allows for any charge-backs.  I could go on and on about all the variables and flexibility Racing Snails has, but it does all I need and more.

We renewed for a second year and are using even more of the flexibility and other features of the program.  It does so much I don’t think I actually use ALL of it!  It even helps to work out the return on investment for team members.  I have used a number of systems for this type of tracking and this is the only one that I have used that has the flexibility that I need for my operation.  There are a lot of other systems that are out there that are twice or even 3 times as costly and don’t even have the features that Racing Snails has.  Jerome knows what we as agents need in a program such as this and that goes a long way.   

More importantly, no program is as good as the service that is behind it.  Anytime we have had any questions and/or issues, Jerome and his Racing Snails team are prompt to handle it for us right away.  They send out tips and updates once in a while as well.  I understand that Jerome is working on a “cloud” based system.  That would ideal.  This means that it would likely operate faster and could be accessed from anywhere, anytime.  Even when I am at home, and cannot access our computer systems, I would be able to access Racing Snails to calculate the bonuses for our team members, or just see where we are at, production wise, at any given time.  This would be extremely efficient and practical for us.  I am sure there would be many other advantages of a cloud based system that I am not even aware of as yet!
I would definitely recommend anyone to use RACING SNAILS for their tracking system.   Service, flexibility, doing what we need it for is what matters.  With a cloud based system, well … that would be just perfect! "


Cindy N-S.
"I am in my third year of utilizing Racing Sail in my business.  We rely on Snail to tract our daily, monthly, and annual goals.  My team knows exactly where our production is in-relation to our goals.  With Racing Sail we know daily what our production numbers are so we don’t have to wait for updated reports from corporate.  Once Snail goes to the cloud platform the program is going to be even more impressive.  The agent’s team members will be able to access the program while other team members are in Snail which will be a great help.  Also the agent will be able to access the program from a web enabled device even while outside the office.  I am really looking forward to this aspect of the new platform.  Just one more way to stay in touch with my team when I am away from the office."


Scott H.
"I have been asked to write a letter indicating the impact Racing Snail has had on my business as well as what tools I have utilized. I have been a 3 year Racing Snail customer and cannot say enough about this program. The first advantage is that I k now that the data in Racing Snail is accurate and up to date data. I know what has been written and issued. Company reports can vary from report to report and accuracy is simply too important for me to guess where my agency is at. Having Racing Snail, I know that the information is accurate and in “real time”.

Second, I know within seconds how my agency is doing. I can tell how effective my advertising is, where the business is coming from, and why they chose my office. Again, as a business person, knowing my business is critical to the success of my agency. By way of example, I was discussing with an agent 4521’s. He was discouraged as he felt that 4521’s were negatively impacting his business. When I asked him specifically how many policies or households he had lost in the last 12 months, he could not tell me. But I was able to give not only how many polices and households were lost as a result of 4521’s, but how many I gained as a result of 4521’s, all in a matter of 15 – 20 seconds.

Third, my staff knows exactly how the office is doing and can tell if they are on time for the commission program in effect in my office. No confusing reports from multiple sites, no duplication of data entry. The staff fills out about 10 fields in the application register and everything about the business of my agency is accessible.
I am excited for the Cloud-based version coming out in 2012 as it will allow for quicker access as well as access from any computer. I also am excited to that if integration with our systems would occur, the data from incentive programs could be pushed into Racing Snail so I do not have to spend time gathering that data. Racing Snail has taken me from guessing how my agency is doing to knowing exactly how my agency is doing. The first step to being a successful business is to know where the business currently stands. Racing Snail has done that for me and done it seamlessly."


Cecil B.
"I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate the great service you provide whenever I have questions about Racing Snail.  This product has been a vital tool for me in tracking our production, paying commissions to my team, and planning and achieving our goals each year.  I also appreciate how you constantly strive to improve the product based on suggestions from your users.

I am very excited about making Racing Snail web-based!  I wish we could have Racing Snail as a link through our system and I also wish that our company system was integrated with Racing Snail.  Duplicate entries are the bane of our existence!  Anytime we can consolidate and reduce the number of duplicate entries we have to make into our systems, the greater the efficiency we achieve, which translates to more time to sell."


Brad D. 
"I wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how much we have appreciated using your product and incorporating Racing Snail into our business model. The on-line training is super I might add. I have a large team, so any technological improvement must have good training and back-up to answer questions. Your company has this facet dialed in, and it has been a huge assist to my team and I. The ability to have on-line training, with the voice over is something I dearly wish our company system had incorporated during the rollout, as we were dependent on our AFS for questions.

In terms of the product, today’s agent needs production information faster than ever. The weekly front run reports and dashboard reports do not provide the detail nor timeliness that your product allows. My father Archie was my mentor, often told me that running an agency was like a performer in a circus spinning multiple plates, and when one of the plates began to wobble you had to give it a little extra attention to get it spinning smoothly again. If you think of each of our lines as a plate then having the timely information allows me to spin a plate when a line begins to wobble. Additionally the input and screens are very user friendly and make sense. Racing Snail allows me also to see in detail how my team is producing and the ROI for each member. I also love the fact that I can readily see where my business is coming from, and it allows me to spend my marketing dollars on areas that give me and the company the greatest return on my investment. Because we have been suing Racing Snail for several years, I now have historical information that I can use when making my business plan and goal setting each month. The only downside is that my team must make duplicate entry’s into Pro+ and Racing Snail. A marriage between the two would be ideal.

In summary Jerome, your product has been very helpful, and you have done a great job in building a product that ideally helps the modern agent manage his or her business, for this reason I have been pleased to recommend it to a large number of Agents. Thanks and best wishes for continued success."


Tony F. 
"We have been using Racing Snail (RS) for the last 4 years in my office and we can’t live without it. It has been invaluable to keep track of all our production as well as many added features and benefits. Some of them include:

  • Tracking team members production
  • Comparing past production to current production
  • Analyzing raw new production versus add on production
  • Rate of return information

We can’t wait until RS is web-based. We’ve been told that we may not be able to access RS using our company system. We believe there are many benefits to allow us to access RS through company systems including accessibility, user functionality and no duplicate entries."

Jim S.
"This letter is to let you know how the Racing Snail software has impacted our agency.  I have been utilizing the system for over one year now and love the ability to track premium, app count, and have a total overall picture of what my agency is doing on a regular basis.

The program provides me the information to make all team members accountable.  In addition the ability to see what other team members are doing provides the necessary motivation for them to produce on a daily basis.

Racing Snail has been working diligently to begin a new web based system that would allow us a more seamless process along with easier functionality.  Integration would not only allow for better processes but provide a more accurate system that would continually track and help us to grow.

I would highly recommend the Racing Snail software as it has made my life as an agent not only easier, but given me the tools to understand the direction and growth of the agency."


Donna K.
"I have been using Racing Snail for four years   & have found that each year I am relying on this program more & more.  It started out taking the place of my app log moving forward to today where I use it to: track production, marketing dollars, compare activity to production, know where the business is coming from or where I’m losing it to & a complicated staff bonus program that would take at least 2 hours every payday to figure out if I didn’t have this.

It would be most helpful if this was a web based program.  As a business owner I’d like to work ON the business at my home office (away from interruptions). This would be working on my business plan, marketing programs, staffing issues or reviewing ideas that I picked up at a recent Mutual Fund Leaders Program.  I’m not able to assess any of the Racing Snail data away from my office. So working ON the business has to be done at the office, which at time can be very difficult. The web based system would allow me to track Income Producing Activity and Production when I’m away from the office as well. 

In order to track Issued policies & have a complete picture for all lines an agent has to look at: the last Score Card, The last Front Run, Benchmarks, YTD results, Life Status & reports on Control D.  If it is possible to integrate Racing Snail with The Company production numbers it would be wonderful if all of this information was in one spot for all lines including Mutual Funds & Bank. I believe Jerome could pull all of this into Racing Snail. 

I understand that Agents are using various tracking applications; I have looked at others & have determined that Racing Snail is the best to date. We just need to get it web based & integrated if at all possible.  I especially appreciate the one-on-one support that Jerome provides. 
I would be glad to answer any questions you might have on how I have benefited from this program. "


Richard O.
"I wanted to send you a brief note to let you know how excited I am for the new update to the Racing Snail tracker. I have been using the current program for nearly 3 years and it has made a very clear impact in my agency’s ability to track production and hold my team members accountable. When I first started my agency I used a very elementary tracker that in reality made accurate measurements nearly impossible, but the Racing Snail eliminated that immediately.

I am very pleased with the upcoming aspect of online functionality and look forward to the improved features of the Racing Snail cloud-based tracker. I am particularly excited about the ability to input some corporate data so as to make the tracker much more seamless. Hopefully, you will be able to integrate the tracker with our systems on a much more broad level. I am sure that I am not alone in my feelings that this would create less confusion surrounding production numbers and minimize the conflict between results. Furthermore, it would do wonders for ease of use!"


Nicholas M.
"I have been extremely happy using racing snail for the past 3 years. This tool has not only allowed me to easier track my production, but it also lets me know whether or not I am profitable with each team member and also with each marketing channel my agency utilizes. If we could somehow streamline this tool with some of the company programs offered, the efficiency of how I run my agency would greatly increase. I think all agents could benefit from the utilization of racing snail. It lets them know exactly what’s going on in their agencies."


Delores S. 
"This business program is top notch. Jerome and the company really care about their clients and have created a product that helps me elevate my business with very little effort. I highly recommend using Racing Snail for all your insurance and financial services tracking needs. (Auto, Fire, Life, Health, Bank and even investments)"


Donna R. 
 “Jerome and his team at Racing Snails are on the mark with their product. The graphs and charts, it develops, has helped me concentrate in the areas that works best for my agency.”


Michael S. 
 “Jerome and his company has been a great resource for my agency. I am able to manage my business better using their software. Also, whenever I have had questions or problems (usually user based) Jerome has resolved the issues immediately! I highly recommend this company.”


Rhonda S.
 “After talking to some other agents that use RACING SNAILS as a tool to track sales, I decided to give Jerome a call and see if his program would suit my office needs. I purchased his product and have been using the RACING SNAILS product now for the second year. I love the program and I also understand that a cloud-based version will be coming soon. Not only is the product very flexible and useful, it makes tracking our sales easier at a touch of a button. The support that Jerome has provided to us thus far has been nothing short of superb. He and his support team are always there, and usually immediately to help iron out any issues or even just answer simple questions. Jerome and his team are dedicated to support their product 100%. He also is very willing to help set up and recommend on how the system might best work for you, as each office is so unique. I definitely recommend Jerome and the RACING SNAILS product to ANYONE looking for flexibility, and complex tracking. This is not just your average tacking tool ... it is one of the best I have seen that does what I need it to do. I highly recommend him and his team.”


Jerry S. 
 “Jerome has created an excellent tool to both track production in my office and tie that production to a bonus for my employees. I used the bonus program to create a customized incentive plan for my Agency Team, which has worked very well. My Team and I appreciate Jerome's program and his timely and personal support.”


Coe B.
 “Been happy with the service and product that Jerome provides. His tools have been invaluable in helping my business grow. Haven’t had any problems with the service and look forward to continually working with his company.”


Brian R.
 “Jerome has been such a pleasure to work with! I have been using his sales tracking system for several years now and it is fabulous!!! You get SOOOO much information from the system. And if you ever have an issue or question, they are very fast to get back to you and help you resolve the issue. Thanks Jerome!”


Susan R.
“Jerome has provided me with excellent service with Racing Snail, a tracking product that has brought immense clarity to running my Agency. I have recommended him and his service to many of my colleagues. His service fills the void I had in running my agency. I refer to his service as "the missing link." His tracking tool is very easy to use, and he'll help you get it up and running.”


Pam K.
 “Several years ago, Jerome and I worked together. He was as tenacious as anyone I have ever worked with. He took on every challenge that came to him with all his energy, and always with a smile. I hated to see him move out of town, but I wasn't at all surprised when he started Racing Snail. This was a way for him to share his innovative solutions for the challenges that agencies face. Nothing is ever half-way with Jerome!”


Tom T.
 “Feel comfortable placing your trust in Jerome Carlile - he has been a trusted business partner to my business for nearly 4 years and continues to be a real asset. Very dependable, accessible and resourceful. When questions arise, we can count on Jerome to think outside the box and help us find valuable solutions to help drive our business. We appreciate his work and highly recommend him to anyone.” May 19, 2011


Dondrell S. 
 “Jerome is a detail-oriented, responsive consultant. I have enjoyed working with him over the years.”


Brian B. 
 “Our agency has used Jerome Carlile's product, Racing Snail, since we opened the doors in 2008. The product is superb and I would have a difficult time managing my agency without Racing Snail. In addition, Jerome has always provided excellent and rapid response to any problem we have - large or small. Every agency should use this product and rely on Jerome for his consistent service!”


Jeff K. 
 “Jerome’s product is a great way to impact your bottom line and motivate team members.”


Dennis M. 
“Jerome, is a very strong business partner. He has contributed to the positive growth and operational development of my business.Thanks Jerome.”


Patrick H.
 “Jerome has delivered outstanding customer support and training for his product, The Racing Snail. Jerome is a subject matter expert and has been at my beckon call regardless of the time or effort required to get me an answer.
I continue to utilize Jerome in many capacities as a business consultant and highly recommend him and his company.”


Scott C.
 “Jerome's Racing Snail program has really helped us keep track of our sales within the office and who is creating the sales. There are many detailed functions that keep an owner's pulse on what's happening in the office.”


Terry V.
 “Jerome has provided my agency with a very comprehensive, easy to use production tracking tool for my business. Jerome has traveled across the country to a business seminar to present his product and did a fantastic job. He has always provided outstanding customer service.”


Joe P.
 “I have used Racing Snail as an individual producer and as a manager of other insurance professionals. I have seen the proper use of Racing Snail change the way an agency spends marketing money, pays employees, and even how it maximizes its revenue.
Jerome and his team are top notch and I have recommended his company to many friends and associates. It takes time to maximize the tools and Jerome is there every step of the way to help you learn the product and apply it to your individual office needs.

In addition Jerome and his group provide a very informative presentation to large groups. It definitely a good way to learn about what his tool can do for your office or the offices you work with.”


Brett P. 
 “Jerome was very attentive to detail and requests for training and support as our office adopted his company’s’ software in late 2009. We utilized his software program year after year and incorporated upgrades and services seamlessly with his support. I have enjoyed partnering with Jerome and feel very confident recommending him and his company to others.

Chris M. 
 “Jerome has been great to work with. He has allowed us to put our people back in control of how their businesses are running.”


Donald J. 
 “Jerome and his service team at Racing Snail are excellent at helping you create an implement your production and bonus tracking within your agency! Every time I need help, just a quick email or call and they are there ready to help. And, their help can be indirect through verbal instruction or hands on through net-op controls to show you as well as tell you how to do what you want done. Jerome is very easy to work with and knows systems. I can't imagine my Agency without Racing Snail to help drive results. Thanks, Jerome for all you do!”


Lori A. 
 “When you think of Racing Snail, you immediately think of Jerome. After settling in on using Racing Snail and making it a center piece of our business activity, I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Jerome. I have found him to be a dedicated business owner by providing unsurpassed help and advice whenever he's called upon him. I appreciate those who share the same high ethics, value relationships and consistently strive to support others.”


Mark H. 
“Jerome is fantastic to work with. He is always willing to help you understand his product even more and help you make adjustments. His level of support is refreshing. If you're considering working with Jerome and taking advantage of his product, stop considering and start doing. You will not regret it.”  


Adam G. 
Not only is Racing Snail a great product, but Jerome is a more than accommodating. His fast response and professionalism make working with him invaluable.”


Natalie L. 
 “Jerome's racing snail program has benefited my business by making results in production easier to read, to find, organize, and just to overall make sense out of in a very simplistic way. Thanks’ Jerome my 10 staff love it. Very motivating and easy to work with.”


James B. 
 “Jerome and his team have provided us with a production tracker tool over the last 3 years that has been our savior and my accountability tool to my team and my business. He and his staff have nailed it when it comes to a tracker and is always available with top notch service! I would highly recommend his tool and his team when it comes to managing your insurance agency.”

Pete A. 
 “Jerome and Racing Snail are both 'top of their game'! Keeping track of business is one of our most important functions and Racing Snail helps us! Jerome is the best!” May 4, 2011


Judy A-W.
 “Jerome takes care of me promptly any time I am in a bind. Sometimes weekend or at night. Awesome service.”


Tex R. 
 “I've been using Racing Snail and have found that it helps me track where my business is coming from. It shows me where I should be spending my advertising dollars. It also makes everyone in the office aware of how many policies that they're writing in the month.”


Jerry S. 
 “Jerome and his Racing Snail team continue, year after year, to provide me with the tools it takes to make my business and team strives towards valuable goals in our industry.”


Josh S. 
 “Racing Snail has helped me keep my Agency on track since I opened my doors in October 2007. Thought the years, the system has been consistent in presenting data in a format that any agent would fine useful.

Jerome's software has helped me find the weaknesses and strengths of my agency with its detailed reports and forecast. It has been very instrumental in helping me evaluate my team’s performance by providing data that is easy for both the team and Agent to understand and interpret. I have looked at other systems out there and asked a lot of questions but none of them seem to come very close to the comprehensive reports and data Racing Snail provides. Jerome and his team make a very useful product. Once you see for yourself, I am sure you would agree.”


Rodney B. 
 “I've used Racing Snail since 2005 and wouldn't be able to run my business without it. I'm able to quickly identify sales trends (real-time) and make adjustments to my marketing. I've also been able to create extremely effective incentive programs for my team that have had a huge impact on my bottom line. My team loves it as well! I can't wait for the cloud version.


Todd B. 
 “Jerome is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and the program he presents is one of the best I have ever used.”