Checktivity (IPA)
Checktivity is a simple and customizable activity tracker that each team member can keep open on his/her desktop throughout the day. As they complete an activity they simply click the plus sign for that particular activity for the current day. As they complete the daily required activities the status bar will change from red to yellow to green!
The Individual Report provides critical information for each sales rep such as quotes completed, closing ratios, the average number of policies included in a quote, the total number of products sold, the agency commission generated by the sales, and the average per activity commission generated. It serves as a quick snapshot of the sales efficiency of the individual sales reps enabling agents to identify their -closers- as wells as those who may require more training.
The Detail Report provides an activity level report for each team member. This report enables you to clearly see which activities are being completed, how many quotes those activities are generating, the number of sales generated by each activity, the agency commissions associated with those sales, and average agency commission that is earned each time that activity is performed. This information enables agents to refine their activity plans to focus on those activities that are generating the most quotes, sales, and commissions.
The Checktivity Analysis tool enables agents to see the relationship between activity and sales. How many quotes does it take to write a life policy? This tool will answer that question at both the office and individual team member level. This is incredibly powerful information that agents can use to effect major changes in their agencies. All business lines can be analyzed for both policy and premium relationships.