Welcome to Racing Snail
Ulimate Productivity & Incentive Management System!

What is Racing Snail?

We enable organizations to intelligently motivate their sales teams to sell the most profitable products in the most efficient manner possible. We do this by offering intuitive, sophisticated, and completely customizable tools to design and manage incentive programs, understand and influence leading indicators, track sales and marketing, and analyze return on investment for both marketing and sales personnel.

1) Track: We help you hold your team accountable by tracking sales and activities

2) Analyze: We provide actionable business intelligence regarding your agency so you can make profitable decisions

3) Incentivize: We offer the most flexible commission tool in the industry so that you can motivate your team to achieve greater sales success

Mission Statement

Racing Snail will give Agents the ability to make business decisions based upon information rather than intuition by providing an intuitive tracking and bonus system that supports accountability, illuminates production trends, and motivates team members. By organizing production data into meaningful business intelligence, Racing Snail will enable Agents to take tactical and strategic action to drive superior results.

Why Racing Snail?


Racing Snail was designed for people who are NOT technically inclined. All the data reports and graphs are automatically generated. Users need enter only 8 basic pieces of information for each policy sold and Racing Snail does the rest.


You can track what you want to track. Drop down fields are customizable enabling individual users to tailor the tool to meet their own needs. The bonus system provides incredible flexibility by accommodating a wide array of bonus plans.