Agency Production Analysis


  • Application and premium totals by product line
  • Production analysis (e.g., homes versus renters etc.)
  • New policies versus added policies


Sales Representatives Analysis


  • Sales Rep application and premium totals by product line
  • Sales Rep product mix (auto versus motorcycles etc.)
  • New versus added policies
  • Where the business is coming from (marketing, cold call etc)


Overall Production Summary


  • Total property and casualty applications and premium totals
  • Total production of all product lines monthly  and annually
  • Year-by-Year application and premium comparison (3 years)


Sales Force Analysis


  • Side-by-Side comparison of sales reps by product line
  • % comparison of products sold by each sales rep


Goal Tracking


  • Office goal tracking by product line for both applications and premium
  • Individual sales rep goal tracking by product line for both applications and premium


Marketing Analysis


  • Ability to identify marketing efforts that are working or not working
  • Source and detailed source type reporting

Return On Investment (ROI)


  • Applies each team member’s production against the agent’s commission structure
  • Ability to see how much new agency commission was created by a team member
  • Line by line and month by month reports show each team members contributions to the agency




  • Checktivity helps users translate annual goals into daily activities that drive rapid results
  • System enables employee-to-employer and peer-to-peer accountability that fosters teamwork and healthy competition
  • Provides actionable metrics and generates real-time reports that increase employers control of individual and team activities and results
  • Enables agents to see the relationship between activity and sales
  • Ratios between activities and sales
  • All business lines can be analyzed for both policy and premium relationships


Team Member Bonus


  • Bonuses can be based upon application production, premium production, or both
  • Payments can be made as a $ per product, as a percent of premium, as a lump sum bonus
  • Bonus system is completely confidential and password protected
  • Sales Mix enables the Agent to reward strong performance by increasing bonuses if certain benchmarks are met