Who is Racing Snail?

Racing Snail was originally designed by an insurance agent who became frustrated by the lack of comprehensive information regarding his sales production in 2005. He got tired of digging through complicated reports for each line of insurance to come up with the answers to simple questions like, "How many raw new auto policies did we write this week?" Using his background as an accomplished technical and process design consultant, he and one of the owners of Racing Snail, Jerome, built a tool that has evolved into the product known as Racing Snail. 

Jerome Carlile (President)

Mr. Carlile was a Sergeant in the US Army for 5 years. After his service he graduated from the University of Arizona with a BSBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona in 2002. He started his career as the Sales Manager of a Insurance agency, and was responsible for organizing his team to meet monthly quotas by both cross-selling current clients and acquiring new clients. He developed the Racing Snail software while working for a Agent. Mr. Carlile has the rare combination of both technical design skills and the business acumen of an end-user. He has a keen understanding of the daily process flow of an insurance agency and has been able to apply that expertise in the ongoing growth and development of the Racing Snail products. One of the primary reasons that the company has been so successful is that tools were designed by end-users for end-users. Mr. Carlile currently acts as the President for Racing Snail by overseeing the company’s sales and marketing efforts. He also is responsible for assisting in the design of new functionality and prioritizing the development of future product enhancements.